Is Direct Mail Dead? 5 Direct Mail Myths Debunked

With continued advances in digital marketing automation, you might believe the myth that direct mail is dead. However, the technology making email marketing, search and social media advertising smarter is enhancing direct mail, too. It’s called direct mail automation. Direct mail is alive and well. In fact, it’s doing better than email when it comes to…

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3 Businesses That Should Definitely Do Direct Mail Marketing

Many marketers never consider direct mail automation. If you focus on digital channels, the thought of direct mail may bring images of Bed, Bath & Beyond postcards to mind. However, writing off direct mail as too old school is a huge missed opportunity. With the modern marketer’s ability to create personalized campaigns in automation platforms…

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Thinking of Buying a Direct Mail List? Try These 5 Built-in Audiences First

Pop quiz: what’s the marketing channel being analyzed in this enthusiastic report from last year? “Customer response rates increased year-over-year by an impressive 43%, but prospect response rates more than doubled—reporting an astounding 190% increase!” Well, okay—if you know anything about what we do at Inkit, you can probably guess that this quote (from the…

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Direct Mail A/B Testing: How to Put Serious Data Behind Your Campaigns

Read enough articles about digital marketing and you’ll notice something: direct mail often gets casually lumped in with old-school broadcast media. Not interactive, not automated, not testable. Not true. Not these days. Marketing automation platforms increasingly integrate with direct mail software like Inkit—which means that your direct mail can be just as testable and trackable…

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3+ Intriguing Direct Mail Statistics to Help You Plan for 2018

Is it just me, or has 2017 been kind of a gloomy year for marketing statistics? Questions about transparency and brand safety continued to gnaw at the digital ad trade. More and more media consumption took place within ad-blocking browsers and ad-free subscription services. Some even said the end of advertising was near. And yet…

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