Measuring Direct Mail Campaigns: 5 Factors to Analyze

Direct mail campaigns used to be difficult to measure. This is no longer the case, now that you can power direct mail with your CRM. Simply use Inkit with your marketing automation platform to evaluate direct mail campaigns nearly as easily as email. Just as with digital marketing, measuring direct mail campaigns can inform and…

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5 Ways to Write Powerful Direct Mail Headlines

The direct mail headline is one of the most important elements of your marketing postcards. It needs to entice the recipient to flip it over and read more—rather than toss it into the recycling bin. And you’ve only got a few seconds to make your move. So, how can you quickly grab a reader’s attention?…

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Unique Cross-Channel Use Cases for Direct Mail

In today’s Now Economy, if you want to sell more, your marketing must personally speak to your customers at the individual-level. Your customers maintain high standards when choosing how they engage with brands, and your marketing can make or break their decisions. Brands across the board are feeling this pressure and it’s coming from the…

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Direct Mail Automation: 3 Quick Wins

The ability to automate direct mail is changing the game. When marketers integrate Inkit’s direct mail software with their CRMs, they can boost the already sky-high response rates of direct mail—and continue to gather sophisticated customer data along the way. Want to know a lot more about direct mail automation? Head over to this post…

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4 Essential Offline Marketing Tactics for E-Commerce

Most e-commerce marketers focus on digital marketing for obvious reasons. Everything from email automation to social media marketing to SEO is in the e-commerce marketer’s wheelhouse. But to gain a competitive edge, you need to go where few e-commerce marketers are willing to go—offline. So many e-commerce brands dedicate their entire marketing budgets to Internet…

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5 Direct Mail Triggers to Perk Up Your Direct Marketing Strategy

Triggered direct mail brings in major results for marketers. In an increasingly digital landscape, personalized and timely postcards provide the personal touch marketers need. Postcard automation can help you make meaningful connections with customers and drive purchases. From bringing in new leads to converting prospects and fostering loyalty, triggered direct mail may be the secret…

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Direct Mail List Building: 3 Strategies to Try

Your direct mail list is the single most important piece of any direct mail campaign you run. While direct mail offers some of the highest response rates across all channels (and a very competitive cost-per-acquisition), if you’re mailing the wrong audience you’re wasting time and money. But if you’re new to direct mail, or you’re simply…

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The Missing Piece in Your Cart Abandonment Strategy: Direct Mail

Did you know the vast majority of e-commerce carts are abandoned? (Seriously. We’re talking nearly 80%!) This is a huge retention opportunity, yet many marketers struggle to recover these sales. Sales that were so close. In fact, major retailers — from Nordstrom to Gap — fail to even send cart abandonment emails, essentially leaving money on…

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