3 Surprising Companies Growing with Direct Mail

It’s written off as old-fashioned by some, but direct mail growth marketing pays off for a surprising number of modern marketers. These marketers enjoy significant returns by adding direct mail automation to their integrated marketing campaigns. If you’re wondering why digital-first growth marketers swear by direct mail despite sophisticated digital tools available, there are several…

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Are Your Personalization Plans Within the Context of the Customer Experience?

Editor’s Note: We asked Mike at Sailthru to help us understand the difference of segmentation and personalization, and how we can implement those strategies with automated marketing platforms and a cross-channel approach. Here’s what he had to say. Sailthru strongly believes that personalization is a key business strategy. However, when we surveyed marketers in the…

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11 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Direct Mail Vendor

Direct mail software is one of the most effective marketing tools available to your team. In fact, postcard marketing continues to get better response rates than most digital efforts, according to the Direct Marketing Association. However, it can be challenging for digital first businesses to realize the full potential of direct mail. To avoid the…

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Overcome Email Overload with Direct Mail Marketing

Dealing with crowded email inboxes, many marketers are looking for new ways to stand out. How can you prove to your customers (some of whom receive hundreds of emails daily) that you’re worth their time? Email overload is a real and growing problem for many consumers. Edison Software found that three-quarters of Americans feel overwhelmed by their…

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5 Tips to Grab Attention with Direct Mail

Direct mail continues to outperform just about every digital channel combined, but that doesn’t mean you can just throw a quick postcard together and expect results. The harsh reality is that much of the direct mail sent today qualifies as “junk mail,” spending more time in recycling bins than in front of consumer’s eyes. The…

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Inkit’s New Postcard Template Builder Has Arrived

At Inkit we are always improving what we do so that your daily work can be more enjoyable. We updated our postcard template builder so that each personalized direct mail postcard campaign can be executed with greater ease and efficiency. Inside Look: Postcard builder 2 is faster, better and cleaner Our previous postcard template builder…

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3 Ways to Use Your CRM for Direct Mail

Gone are the days of treating direct mail as its own channel. Today, clever CRM managers integrate all offline and online channels into one smart workflow. But some of the best omnichannel marketers still struggle to power direct mail with their CRMs. Without a print shop in-house, many marketers cede control to outside vendors to…

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31 Essential Direct Mail Marketing Automation Stats You Need to Know

One great thing about direct mail automation is that your marketing can move with your customers just about anywhere. As consumers demand personalized experiences with your brand online and off, direct mail automation delivers. When you automate direct mail by syncing Inkit with one of our CRM integration partners, you can trigger direct mail that…

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How to Choose Direct Mail Software

If you’re looking to add direct mail software to your marketing stack, you’ll find that it comes in all shapes and sizes. There are direct mail automation providers, APIs and more traditional postcard design interfaces. With a growing variety of direct mail solutions, it can feel daunting to find the best fit. Here are some…

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