Guest Post: Achieve Omni-Channel Relevance at Scale With Iterable & Direct Mail

Modern growth marketing is all about attracting and retaining more engaged customers by building immersive, personalized experiences across all channels, including direct mail, email, web, mobile and social. Today’s marketing leaders are moving toward a highly integrated omni-channel approach to drive true relevance with their audience. In fact, brands that use omni-channel marketing techniques achieve…

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Re-engagement: 5 Postcard Ideas To Win Back Your Customers

You’re going to lose about 25 percent of your email list this year. Let that sink in. What can you do about this? Get your re-engagement postcard sequence ready. Seriously. When you lose access to a subscriber’s inbox, show up in their mailbox. Simply sync email workflows with direct mail to keep your customers engaged across…

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Retargeting Website Visitors With Direct Mail

The very first time you were retargeted, you may have been caught off guard, or even a little freaked out. You were shopping for something online, let’s say airplane tickets for the sake of example. You added a flight to your cart but decided to check in with your fellow travelers before hitting the buy button.…

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HubSpot and Direct Mail: 3 Simple Tips for Getting Results

In HubSpot, direct mail automation is possible when you plug in Inkit’s integration. This allows you to combine the powerful data and targeting available within HubSpot with the high redemption rates of direct mail. Direct mail is becoming an even more powerful channel in the Digital Age, as it works best when it is relevant—highly…

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Building A Direct Mail Campaign For Millennials

If you’re a marketer, millennials are probably on your radar. Set to become the dominant force in our economy, most businesses can’t afford to ignore this generation. Are you sending direct mail to millennials? When you think of millennials—even if you are a millennial—you might envision someone wearing earbuds, looking down at a smartphone. It’s…

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Is Direct Mail Dead? 5 Direct Mail Myths Debunked

With continued advances in digital marketing automation, you might believe the myth that direct mail is dead. However, the technology making email marketing, search and social media advertising smarter is enhancing direct mail, too. It’s called direct mail automation. Direct mail is alive and well. In fact, it’s doing better than email when it comes to…

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