How to Choose Direct Mail Software

If you’re looking to add direct mail software to your marketing stack, you’ll find that it comes in all shapes and sizes. There are direct mail automation providers, APIs and more traditional postcard design interfaces. With a growing variety of direct mail solutions, it can feel daunting to find the best fit. Here are some…

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7 Ways to Save Money on Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Many digital-first marketers shy away from direct mail even though they know it works. If you already know postcard automation performs better than email and social media, there’s probably just one thing stopping you: cost. The very thing that makes postcard marketing so effective also makes it expensive to get into. Postcards are tangible. Someone’s…

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10 Ways to Integrate Direct Mail and Social Media

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about adding direct mail automation to email workflows. But what about integrating direct mail and social media? With millions of people engaging in social channels daily—and a plethora of sophisticated targeting tools—digital marketers are focusing on social media more and more. However, rarely are single-channel…

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4 Ways to Optimize Direct Mail to Achieve Omni-Channel Relevance

The marketing landscape continues its progressive sprawl as seemingly everyday new platforms, messaging channels and emerging technologies are unveiled. All these fancy, new tools promise to create Intriguing! Exciting! Cutting-edge! ways for marketers to better reach our customers on individual channels. But there’s a glaring caveat here. It’s not enough for brands to only reach…

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8 Tips for Smarter (And Better Performing) Direct Mail

Many business owners sneer when marketers bring up direct mail. Comments range from “Isn’t it expensive?” to “Does anybody even read their mail anymore?” The answers: Direct mail costs more than email, but the opportunity for ROI is also greater. This is largely because, yes, the vast majority of people do still read their mail.…

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What is Direct Mail Automation and How Does it Work?

What is direct mail automation, and how does it differ from old-school mass mailers and postcard marketing? We get this question a lot at Inkit. The answer: When you combine sophisticated direct mail software with a marketing automation platform, you can automate direct mail—triggering postcards as easily as automated digital ads. Direct mail automation strategies…

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5 Tips on How to Use Direct Mail for Customer Reactivation

If you’re not using direct mail for reactivation, you’re missing a major opportunity. As the top performing direct response channel, direct mail isn’t just for acquisition anymore—postcards can actually help you win back former customers. We’ve seen direct mail reactivation campaigns yield 18% redemption rates and a 60% lift in revenue. When is the last…

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